India’s second bump shoot with us…

Way back when, in the early days of For the Love, I did a solo shoot with my pregnant sister, India. At the time I remember thinking ‘oh my gosh she is SO pregnant’ – well let me tell you, she was a lot now pregnant by the time we did this shoot!!

As I mentioned in my blog about Indi’s first maternity shoot, India has been guest blogging for Rock My Family all about her first time pregnancy, and this has started with blogs tracing her experiences through each trimester; her first For the Love shoot was to sit alongside her second trimester blog.  When we shot she was firmly into her third and final trimester (and with the ever looming potential threat of baby coming early and before we got chance to shoot), both Gemma and I headed over to Sheffield to document this stage with shots to sit alongside her latest RMF instalment. 

Maternity shoots are always such a privilege to be a part of. It feels like mums-to-be are letting us into their world during a really personal, special and sometimes physically uncomfortable time. This has been especially the case for me, when capturing India’s pregnancy – because that’s my baby sister and she’s totally bossing pregnancy! 

Having shot in Weston Park for her second trimester we decided on the Botanical Gardens for this shoot. I love a good metal and glass structure and we had secret high hopes of shooting in the tropical garden greenhouses; these were unfortunately shut at the time, but we did sneak some lovely shots of them into the background!

It was a lovely sunny day, so with our heavily pregnant and subsequently warm subject in mind we shot in the late afternoon, which conveniently led to beautiful light for shots. We took a leisurely walk around the gardens, taking photos as we went. We found a bear cave, got distracted by fountains and relished in the presence of palm trees in England – standard Anna and Gemma behaviour really!

Recently Gemma and I have somehow managed to include eating ice creams alongside our mums (and dads) to-be during our maternity shoots, but given the shocking absence of ice cream on this occasion we all popped down and feasted on Greedy Greek for tea instead! 

We can’t wait to see which image the peeps over at Rock My Family choose to sit alongside India’s latest blog, but in the meantime here are some of our favourites…

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