Fly On Byrd, Fly On… please! 

We’ve had a busy few weeks of, shall we say, life. But you know us, never able to resist a photo opportunity… So when I went to a gig at Audacious Art Experiment in Sheffield on Saturday I of course took my camera along with me. 

It was both a happy and sad event. It was a great evening full of friends and laughter, but we were brought together to watch the final Fly On Byrd Fly On performance. Fly On Byrd has been a band made up of some of our favourite guys, and over the past six years they’ve created some amazing music; they certainly converted me to “aggressive instrumental post rock/metal”!! After a great run the band have sadly decided to part ways, so there was no way I was going to miss out on that event. 

Fly On Byrd were headlining, and as is customary at the homeMADE events things were not running on time! It made for a late night, but it was worth it to see the final performance of this hugely talented bunch of guys. It was an emotional one, with the crowd going wild throughout and ending with two of our guitarist friends playing pretty seamlessly whilst crowd surfing!

Audacious is renowned for getting a little warm (it’s pretty much a tiny run down house that’s been ‘converted’ into a venue), but man oh man this gig was boiling. The guys said it was the hottest gig they’d ever played.  Due to the heat of the room and the boisterous energy of the crowd, once the gig got going I swiftly ditched my camera for my phone – because these memories had to be documented, but not at the cost of my pride and joy (my camera)! 

Whilst I can’t lie, I’ll really miss Fly On Byrd being a thing, and I’m super sad this era is over (OG fan girl over here, just in case you haven’t clocked that yet!), I’m also happy that I was around to witness their awesomeness whist it lasted. Anyways. Here are the photos… Cheers to an amazing six years guys – you really, really, really did us proud.

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