For the love of a countryside maternity shoot

Months ago whilst I was having my latest tattoo by my very talented brother I got chatting to Dean, who is the owner of Black Tooth Tattoo in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and we planned a bump shoot for he and his pregnant wife. At this point Katy was in the early stages of pregnancy, so it was more a loose plan of “when we’re more pregnant”. Well low and behold – Katy is now very pregnant, and they’re expecting their first baby together in a matter of days.

Anna and I were (as always) dreaming of sunsets, and after discussion with Dean and Katy, we planned out a shoot beginning at Padley Gorge, On the Longshaw Estate in the Peak District and culminating with a sunset shoot out on Curbar Edge. Long Shaw is one of my local hot spots; my family and I have spent many a happy day the exploring, Harry loves it, but it’s also a great place to picnic with friends alongside a stream in the countryside or wrap up warm and take a winter walk, some of my favourite photos have been taken here. Anna is also keen on Padley Gorge, and consistently maintains that it reminds her of the Lion King! It’s also no secret that I’m a fan of the nearby pub, Fox House too, one of our local haunts, a gorgeous little pub with roaring fires and low beams, offering delicious food and tasty beers! It has amazing views, and lovely rooms if you fancied taking full advantage of the local area.

On the day of the shoot it was to date one of the hottest days of the year, perfect for dragging a heavily pregnant lady around the Peak District! I have said it before but Katy was amazing, needing only a well deserved ice cream stop and occasional use of Anna’s fan. However, the hot day made for an amazing sunset that left me hanging out of the car window all the way home.

Meet Katy and Dean.


When Katy said ‘countryside’ I knew we had to bring them here, not just because of my familiarity but because of the variety in the location. As you may already be aware myself and Anna love black and white images and we were really pleased with the outcome of the shots.

The light was amazing on the evening, and as the sun began to go down it gave us a really romantic dusk light which we absolutely loved. We were really happy with the relaxed and natural shots we managed to capture.

Katy and Dean were very much like myself in that being in front of the camera is slightly out of their comfort zone. Due to the amazing weather the location was full of families, friend groups having a beer and a BBQ – even a Brownie pack! This didn’t help with the initial nervousness but sure helped the couple get used to it quickly. We laughed a lot on this shoot!

Waiting for our sunset, we spent some time over a pizza getting to know the couple more. I kind of knew Dean as my brother’s boss and I knew of him as we all went to the same school. Katy, I’d only met twice previously whilst being tattooed but as a foursome we really clicked and I really love their outlook on life and parenthood. They have an awesome bond and we were both blown away with the way Dean looks at Katy! Dean who is already a father oozes pride when he’s around Katy and her bump. These two really have got a good thing going, and I’m sure they’ll make an amazing team when Baby Peacock arrives.

So for that sunset…


We absolutely loved this shoot! We loved everything about it. The location, the weather, the variety and most of all the people.

Good luck Katy and Dean – we cannot wait to meet your new addition  xxx


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