For the love of puppies

As the title suggests, we were recently hired to shoot a litter of 6 week old cocker spaniel puppies. Now I absolutely love dogs, well all furry creatures really, but especially dogs. Gemma is also keen on the furry ones, but is sadly allergic, so had to be dosed up on the antihistamines for this shoot. 

Now we’ve been shooting together for a while now, but with humans, who if in doubt you can direct. Dogs, you might be able to strongly encourage. Puppies on the other hand…. not so much – they pretty much just do whatever they want. But, on the other hand, the brilliance about puppies is that whilst they take no direction they could pretty much do nothing and melt the camera with the cute factor. Knowing all of this, both Gemma and I were both surprisingly nervous about this shoot. But we put our professional hats and brave faces on, armed ourselves with some props (long live puppies in a basket), and headed to meet the furry ones. 

Upon arrival we pretty much melted into pools of goo! Puppies in essence are designed to be cute and are biologically impossible not to love. So soft, such big eyes, and just so fricking cuddly! These seven furry babies really were gorgeous, and each with their own little personality. We probably spent at least 15 minutes with our cameras ditched on chairs, soaking up the lovely puppyness. But then, down to business. 

Firstly, thank gosh for our main (and it turns out essential) prop, a big wicker picnic basket. Popping this down with the welcome addition of our blankets gave the furry little ones something to focus on, and the papping of puppies began. 

Our client had asked us to try and get close ups of their faces, as she’d been struggling to get these kinds of shots. This was challenging to begin with, but once the puppies had got more used to having giant cameras in their faces we really did get some lovely shots (if we do say so ourselves!).

As is customary, the litter tired themselves out after about an hour of excitement. Cue lots of sleepy puppy shots….swooooon! 

As is also customary with puppies, they soon woke up again after their swift nap, just as excitable and energetic as before. A swift blanket location change and we continued snapping away amongst the gorgeous puppy mayhem. 

This shoot was something completely different for us, and I must say I absolutely loved it. It was also nice to rise to meet the challenge presented by seven 6 week old puppies running about, and not only manage to get a few shots, but get so many that we really had to be brutal in the editing process – the furry ones were adorable even in the shots that didn’t work out! 

This shoot was definitely for the love of puppies! And we’re very happy to do more shoots like this, maybe even kittens next time?!

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