For the love of summer in the city

As promised (because y’know, I love London!) I ventured to the Capital again this weekend.  It was a last minute, fleeting visit, with the sole aim being to catch up with two of my bestests Naomi and Lizzie.  It did occur to us that travelling to London the weekend after the city was sadly targeted by acts of terror might not be the best idea in the world; but then we thought “erm no, our lives with not be ruled by fear” and booked the tickets!


Lizzie and I caught the train down Friday evening, and following a couple of cheeky G&Ts to pass the time we caught the tube to meet Naomi in her ‘ends’ – Elephant and Castle.  I’ve not really explored Elephant and Castle before, and was excited to see her latest abode.  Is it just me who adores ex-council properties in London town?!  So whilst I gushed over the brick and the graffiti, we got ourselves set up for a serious evening of chatting deep into the night.


We, being the Northerners that we are, had prepared mainly for rain, so were pleasantly surprised (if also caught slightly unawares) to wake up on Saturday morning to glorious sunshine – cue plenty of tights on, tights off, suncream on, makeup off, hair down, no hair up, in Naomi’s London sized bedroom.  Having completed multiple inappropriate outfit changes we set off with a view to picking up chilled beers and snacks and heading for Battersea Park.


We caught the bus, and half an hour later I must say I was impressed upon arrival – Battersea Park is bloody gorgeous!  Naomi led us to the sub-tropical area, and we basically laid around under palm trees drinking chilled Corona (with lime because we were feeling posh) and eating our body weight in fresh bread, cheese and crisps all afternoon.  I managed to snap a few shots and looking back through them it really is hard to remind myself that we were in England.


PSFix_20170613_175604After a few hours of maxing and relaxing we decided to take a wander deeper into the park.  It honestly felt like at least four separate parks combined; we walked to one bit where there was a bowling green, a band stand, and large flat expanses of grass with trees. Walking on we discovered multiple small lakes, along with herons and beautiful plantlife.


Moving on we entered a more commercial area, with a larger lake where you could hire rowing boats and pedalos, which we were tempted by until we got distracted by the lure of ice creams!


At this point the clouds began to roll in and following such a warm afternoon the evening began to feel chilly, so we headed for home.  On our way out the true variation within the park became more clear, as we passed signs for a deer enclosure and Go Ape. Cue gasps of “What even is this place?!” from us country folk!!

We decided to have a quiet evening at Naomi’s newly refurbished local, the Elephant & Castle pub.  For once I didn’t take many photos, but this one was a must have!!  We finished off the evening with the most delicious Lebanese food from a local takeaway literally round the corner from Naomi’s flat, and flopped down to watch Aladdin – we are proper adults I promise!PSFix_20170612_172545

Sunday morning we headed to catch the coach home from Victoria, we were home by 3.30pm, and I was passed out asleep on my very patient husband by 4pm!  A real whistle stop visit this time, with hardly any papping of street art, but still a lovely weekend, and well worth the heavy eyes on Monday morning.


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