New friends. Next chapter. Maternity shoot

Recently we were thrilled to be asked to be the photographers for a third trimester shoot for the very lovely and very pregnant Anna Riddell-Roberts. Anna is otherwise known as @annainternational, a fab fellow blogger from just outside Huddersfield. Anna (our Anna) and I popped of to Yorkshire praying for good weather, cameras in hand to meet Anna and her husband Ste.

If you already follow Anna’s blog, you’ll know she’s not only just about to have their first baby, she’s also half way through her home renovations. She is a very brave lady indeed! Due to this we decided the best place for the shoot would be outside. Luckily, Anna and Ste live close to Beaumont Park, which for us was an absolute delight. The park boasts lush rhododendrons and flower beds, caves, bridges and beautiful stone work from a disused railway station. It was a really pleasant surprise to have such a lot of variety in our shoot.

After just a few shots (and giggles) Anna and Ste really settled into the shots, and you can see them become increasingly more comfortable throughout the final images. Anna looked radiant and her happiness exuded from her, so the shoot became effortless as they were both so natural. Myself and Anna both adore black and white but the colours literally bursting from the park made our final selection surprisingly colourful!


Part way through our wander around the park the trees broke to reveal an amazing view across Huddersfield and the surrounding area, standing proudly across from us stood Victoria Tower on Castle Hill. Anna told us how Ste had driven her up there early one cold morning, to watch the sunrise… and ask her to marry him. So we absolutely had to capture the two of them here.


There is clearly a really special bond between Anna and Ste, it wasn’t until we started looking through our images that we really noticed how they look at each other and bump. I can tell this little one will be an embellishment to their little family (which currently consists of two rather smashing doggies Billy and Toto and a cat called Tarquin!).

My favourite part of the park was definitely the bridge, I loved its ruggedness and the light coming from behind it really helped us get some lovely silhouette shots.

We really do wish Anna and Ste the very best with ‘Pipsqueak’ as Anna affectionately calls Baby Riddell-Roberts. And we really hope to get to meet him or her when the time comes. Bump shoots are so special and intimate, to capture a bond between partners before they enter their next exciting chapter makes us feel incredibly lucky. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the two of them, and I can’t wait to hear all about their adventures on Anna’s blog. I’m sure renovating with a newborn will be a challenge, but definitely worth it. Having their beautiful new baby in their beautiful new home.

For now I’ll leave you with the rest of our favourites.



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