Park life pregnancy shoot


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing my increasingly pregnant sister, India, in her very first pregnancy shoot.

Indi herself has been blogging for quite a while now, and has recently been lucky enough to collaborate on a pregnancy blog series for Rock my Family. Naturally India tasked us at For The Love with capturing some images of her during various stages of pregnancy to sit alongside these posts, and this was a shoot to document her second trimester.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful May weather, and headed out to a couple of the parks in Sheffield. It was a day that could only be described as glorious, so understandably we were not the only ones who had decided park life was a good idea! India and I wandered around the park taking advantage of photo opps as we went. While it was tricky at times to capture serene and tranquil scenes of blissed out pregnancy in such bustling areas, it also made for an oddly relaxed and natural shoot.  Everyone in the park was doing their own thing, as were we, and noone even batted an eyelid at us – ah the beauty of the life through a lens Instagram culture we live in!

I was so excited and impatient to see the pictures that when we got back I sat and edited the photos whilst she and her husband cooked us tea, and I was so happy with the outcome. Now make no mistake, I aware I am tripley biased because:

  1. She’s my baby sister
  2. She also happens to have my nephew in her tummy
  3. I also took the photos

…but I love the end result!

I was really keen to document the serene expression that comes over India’s face every time she looks down at her baby bump. There’s something so special about that look – a magical mix of hope and excitement and pure love. Looking at the pictures I think I definitely captured some of those moments during the shoot, as well as some other lovely ones of course.

I’m so happy that we have a beautiful visual record of that day, and this stage of her pregnancy.  When baby boy is older we can show him the photos. Maybe we’ll even do another shoot (or two), in those same parks, only this time with mummy and baby instead of mummy and baby bump. Watch this space!

In other news, this weekend we’re heading to Huddersfield to do a bump shoot for blogger Anna – blog all about that to follow soon….

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