For the love of a surprise baby shower

Hi hello, Anna here.

My baby sister, India, is pregnant. She did not, I repeat: did not, want a baby shower… so of course her best friends and I colluded, and planned her one! And lucky old me got to photograph the event, including her “Oh my gosh what’s going on here” face upon arrival.IMG_0489

To reduce India’s suspicion the baby shower was planned at a friend’s house, which made for a tricky shooting environment due to shall we say ‘household objects’. But it was an event I couldn’t not document, so document I did.

It wasn’t what you might describe as a traditional baby shower (if one of those does indeed exist); there was no nappy sniffing, there was no guess the size of the expanding baby bump, but there was friendship, laughter and much excitement about the impending arrival of a baby boy.IMG_0485

We’d fuddled together a bit of a buffet, and to add that touch of ‘DIY baby shower’ all guests were given the option of decorating a blank baby grow.  Aside from that there was plenty of giggling to stories of both pregnancy and first time motherhood (explosive baby diarrhoea anyone?!), feasting on the fuddle, and the giving of gorgeous gifts.

India was definitely more than a little shocked to see us all grinning expectantly at her when she opened the front door, but she assures me it was a good surprise. I feel very lucky to have not only been at the event, but also to have captured the memories of a lovely afternoon, all ready to be printed and put in baby boy’s baby book!

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