For the love of Brighton


Almost a year ago one of our close friends got engaged, and due to life completely taking a hold it’s only recently that the couple have decided to start making a move towards nuptials. We were very excited (and honoured) to be asked to be the photographers at their wedding. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Brighton this weekend with them and document our visit. Our blog will be also be following their journey towards ‘the big day’ and all the trials and tribulations that brings!

Meet Callie and Danny. IMG_0397Callie and I have been friends for 17 years, it has been no surprise to her that we decided to pursue our dream this year.

They are in search of something completely different for their wedding, Anna and myself have made it a personal challenge to ensure Callie’s dream becomes a reality.

We mainly travelled to Brighton to visit our lovely friend Fran who is very soon to be a Mummy, but we couldn’t resist the sea, sand, amusement arcades and ice cream!!! It was a great opportunity for me to capture some natural moments between them. I’m sure that I didn’t become annoying at all with my constant snapping…

Coming from Derbyshire, the seaside is always appealing but Brighton has an iconic coolness. With amazing eccentric architecture like the Pavillion (where the above photo was taken) combined with the typical seafront hotels and winding Lanes filled with unique independent shops, there’s more than enough to shoot. I can absolutely understand why it’s a hot spot for weddings (you can even get hitched on the pier!) it didn’t disappoint at all. We spent a lot of time by the sea, which is an incredible blue/green. Luckily, the sun was kind to us, so I managed to get some beautiful shots to capture the traditional spirit of the seaside town.


Spending time here, especially with old friends I was filled with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and fun, you can’t help but feel like you’re on a good old fashioned British holiday and I’m really pleased that in modern times Brighton has not lost its charm.

While I was here, it became increasingly apparent to me that photography was absolutely what I was meant to do. I’m naturally quite a shy girl but behind a camera I can be whoever I like. The other thing I came to realise, was how different my shoot was emerging to be, compared to the images Anna would have captured. And that is what I love about us and the For the Love concept; we are different but this enables us to suit everyone’s tastes.

I’m off to Wales this weekend with Dan – I can’t wait to share our adventure with you next week. I’ll be blogging about glamping, weddings and Snowdonia.

I have attached some of my favourites, let me know what you think!




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