Readers, meet Gemma!

We thought it would be nice (and only proper!) for us to introduce ourselves. So here goes…

Hi, I’m Gemma.


I’m a proper Derbyshire lass, a Mummy to Harry and a doting wife to Dan who is a keen Mountain Biker.

My love of photography started with my father. I can still picture his leather camera bag and how he would meticulously pack and care for his lenses and filters. Back in the day, before digital was a thing, I can remember him picking up his photos and sitting and flicking through. I would wonder how he managed to make those lights from cars on the motorway swirl across the image like writing your name with a sparkler on Bonfire Night. To me it was pure magic, and of course there were lots of pictures of our family’s adventures to paw over too.

I would say that I’ve always had a keen eye for a good shot, I just love to make things pretty! I’m a massive lover of outside, I adore anything natural. You can ask Anna, I’m pretty obsessed with the moon and the stars, and I’m a sucker for a good sunset -my Instagram is full of them!

My little one being born really got me back into photography, I didn’t want to miss or forget a single thing. Capturing and recording natural moments have become almost a personal mission. I shoot everything, even the meltdowns! #keepingitreal

18443935_309727849456911_7504289025620967424_nWhat else about me…

Being a Mum and a wife is very important to me, parenting especially is the most challenging yet entertaining thing I’ve ever done. We as a family seem to stumble through life – but it seems to work!

I love coffee, I am most definitely fuelled by caffeine. I’m passionate about discovering craft beer, a flipping good beer is an easy way to put a smile on my face, however I wouldn’t turn down a large Shiraz either!

As for food, well… All of it. Eating out, cooking and trying new cuisines is definitely a big part of my life (I take lots of photos of that too).

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I love it and luckily my son follows in my footsteps.

Travelling, anywhere really. I’m trying to go down my bucket list although I do genuinely believe that some of the most unique beauty can be found right on our doorstep. I love this country. Luckily, we get to travel around it quite a lot following my husband and his Mountain Bike.

Well, that’s a snippet. Please feel free to ask. I’m very excited to continue to share our journey with you.

Eeek! Here we go…





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