Readers, meet Anna! 

We thought it would be nice (and only proper!) for us to introduce ourselves. So here goes…
Hi there lovely readers, I’m Anna, one half of the For the Love duo. My love of all things photography developed from a young age and clearly shows no sign of waning; from receiving cameras and equipment for birthdays during my childhood and teenage years, to studying Film Photography during my time studying Art, to collecting vintage cameras from car boot sales! My personal Instagram is ‘Anna loves her camera’ for goodness sake, need I say more?!

I’m well known by friends and family as being a bit of a paparazzi, forever taking photos of them and whatever antics we’re up to. I practice what I preach, I firmly believe that photos make for great memories – and when I’m old and grey it’s safe to say I’ll definitely have plenty of evidence of happy and hilarious times!

Where Gemma loves the great outdoors, my heart lies with all things urban, industrial and often derelict! While I can of course appreciate the beauty of nature, green fields, rolling hills or beautiful gardens, I’m rarely happier than when I’m surrounded by bare bricks, maybe with a touch of graffiti, taking photos! I am what you might call a graffiti hunter, which probably stems from my Art studies. So if you fancy shooting a series of photos which incorporates your favourite graffiti, I’m your girl! (Alternative shoots are available ha!)

Gemma and I really do compliment each other on this sense. Where we may have different artistic preferences, we both see the beauty in the world, and in every day life, and both love to capture this beauty with our cameras. Wherever possible both Gemma and I attend each booking, armed with our cameras, to provide our clients and subjects with the most comprehensive cover; and beautiful shots from two different points of view.

So, beside bare bricks and graffiti what am I into?!

  • 20170520_171858I’m into tattoos. I have plenty of my own, but I also love the idea of people expressing themselves visibly through inking their skin.
  • I love a good gin and tonic, always with ice, and preferably either with cucumber or elderflower. I’m also partial to an expensive whiskey!
  • I was born in France and lived there until I was six. This fed my love to travel, both abroad and around Britain, and of course my camera travels alongside me.
  • I’m a vegetarian, but being born in France I couldn’t live without cheese; from stinky brie, to delicious emmental, I eat cheese with most meals.
  • Speaking of meals – pizza is my favourite, with plenty of veg and cheese of course!
  • MyCollage_2While I don’t have any human babies as of yet, I do have two furry ones – my recuse cat Vagabond, and a gorgeous French Bulldog Optimus.
  • I also love interiors, and am obsessed with painting everything grey, with bright and sometimes clashing accents – much to my husband Jamie’s dismay!
  • I’m a huge fan of Studio Ghibli, and have an on-going obsession with My Neighbour Totoro.
  • Oh, I also love pandas!

And I think that’s about it, a bullet pointed, random but true, oversight of me. Any thoughts do let me know…

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