For the Love Photography

Hi! We are Anna and Gemma, two Derbyshire based photographers who also happen to be the best of friends.  We are both verging on obsessed with photography, and have spent our lives capturing the beauty of life through our lenses.  We would spend our entire lives taking and editing photos if we could, and after coming to this realisation we decided why the hell don’t we do that?  Or at least give it a whirl!

So For the Love Photography was born.

We are still in the early stages, creating a business takes up so much time – who knew?!  Our business name came easily – For the Love; for the love of photography, for the love of weddings, for the love of family, for the love of love, for the love of babies, for the love of life.  But then have come the harder elements.  Designing our logo, setting up an email address, writing a business plan, building and maintaining a website, setting up our Instagram and Facebook.  It’s time consuming, and sadly takes away from our precious time spent shooting and editing – the things we love to do, the very reasons we’re doing this.  But we know it will be worth it, when we can take photographs that bring people joy and that capture those precious moments frozen in time, when we can give people everlasting beautiful images of what have become memories.

For now, follow our journey on here, Instagram and Facebook – we’re sure it will be a bumpy (yet of course beautifully captured) ride!


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